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The Madness of Mokey Malone

 We all wear many masks in life and sometimes we forget that we wear the same masks as other people. 

This is a blog about me, Mokey and my many masks - parent, partner, tenant, patient, telly addict......

I will write about my past, my present and my passions as a way of therapy for myself and hopefully reassurance that we are all diverse in wonderful ways.   

So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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Here we are, together again ( together at last!) . You find me at twenty to five on a Sunday afternoon and once again I am indoors,...

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About The Blog

An obscure peek into the life and mind of me.  An unconventional and somewhat bizarre person who likes museums celebrating odd things and cats. Roadtrips and my bed.......There will ( hopefully ) be some laughs along the way but also I hope this insight into this dark place will help my readers realise that the things we all think and feel are the same, and its circumstances that make the experience different for everyone. 

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