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My name is Jo and this is Mokey.......

And we are Bed-A-Holics

If it’s possible to achieve something in bed, we will. We eat, sleep, read, watch television, write and other things that may spring to mind as you read this (You know who you are!!! Those of you that appreciate the sheer genius of a Carry-On film. Naughty!!).

We, that’s Mokey and me, suffer from various mental and physical illnesses and find the ‘outside World’ an amazing but terrifying place sometimes and at times like these my bed is my saviour, my best friend, my isolation, my safe place and in my humble opinion THE best place in the world.

I am going to share my weird imaginings with you all because I feel it’s so important for people to know what it’s like to suffer from illness. How your physical condition can affect your mental condition and vise versa. This is why it is so important to look after both body and mind,

keep them both working well so they can support each other.

If one goes off whack, it doesn’t take long for the other one to follow it.

There is still such stigma attached to Mental illness, which is so wrong. Anyone can get a mental illness for like all illness it is not prejudice. There is never any reason for it, it is not biased to whom it invades. It can be anyone, at any time.

For me personally, suffering from severe anxiety and depression makes me feel much more vulnerable. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel ‘ok’ one minute and unable to cope the next; and how it’s not easy just to just “snap out of It!" like we have a choice.

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